How To Add TribeHR LogIn Tab To A Customized Employee Center Role

Step 1: Duplicate Center

1. Navigate to Customization > Center and Tabs > Center Tabs.

2. Click Edit on the TribeHR Center Tab

3. Enter TribeHR on the Label field.

4. Select Employee Center from the Center dropdown.

5. In the Content tab, enter HR Administration.


6. Click on Save a Copy.

Step 2: Duplicate Category

1. Click on Customization > Center and Tabs > Categories.

2. Look for the Center Category label that corresponds from the TribeHR bundle. Click on HR Administration.

3. In the same page, hover your mouse to Customization > Center and Tabs > Center Categories > New and open in a new tab.

4. Copy the label, select Employee Center from the Center Type dropdown, select TribeHR from the Center Tab field. In the Link, enter Login to TribeHR.

5. Click on Save.


Step 3: Customize the Employee Center Role and Assign to Employee in NetSuite

Customize the Employee Center role

1. Navigate to SetUp > User/ Roles > Manage Roles.

2. On the Manage Roles page, look for the standard Employee Center role and click on Customize

3. Customize the Employee Center role according to your company preferences.

5. Click Save.

To assign the role to a user:

1. Navigate to SetUp > User > Roles > Manage Users.

2. On the Manage Users page, click the names of the employees to whom you want to assign this role.

3. Click Edit.

4. Click the Access subtab. Under Roles, in the Role column, select the customized Employee Center role. 

5. Click Add.

6. Click Save.

When the user selects the role from the list of roles, the user should be able to see the TribeHR tab and log in.

Still have questions about adding the TribeHR LogIn tab in NetSuite? Submit a case in NetSuite using your Support Center- TribeHR role and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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