How To Integrate TribeHR with Moxtra

Moxtra is a platform where you can synchronize your conversations, content and tasks into a binder which can be embedded into TribeHR.

Step 1: Set Up your Moxtra Account

1. In your Moxtra account, navigate to Integrations.

2. Search for TribeHR and click Add.

3. Choose a Moxtra binder to post TribeHR notifications or create a new binder.

4. Choose if the notifications should be posted as Chat, Pages or To-do.

5. Click on Create Integration.

6. Click on Copy to copy the Webhook URL that you need to paste into TribeHR when you set up your integration.


Step 2: Integrate your TribeHR account.

1. As an Administrator in TribeHR, navigate to Administration (gear icon) > Integrations.

2. Click on Connect to Moxtra.

3. Click on Next or the Moxtra's website hyperlink to create your Moxtra account.

3. Paste the Webhook URL on the space provided and click on Next.

4. A message will confirm that you are now connected to Moxtra.

Still have questions about the TribeHR and Moxtra Integration? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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