Do Negative Time Off Balances Carry Over Into The Next Year?

When you set up your time off type and enable carry over, TribeHR allows you to enter 0 or a positive number.

If the employee has used more days than the allocated amount, the employee's balance at the end of the year will be in negative and TribeHR will carry over the negative amount over to the next year.

Currently, it is not possible to automatically credit negative amounts, so they don't carry into the next fiscal year.

If you don't wish for the negative amount to be carried over to the next fiscal year and deducted from the employee's balance, complete the steps below:

Step 1: Run a Time Off Report

1. Navigate to Reports > Time Off Report.

2. Select the last date of the previous year as your date parameters.

3. Choose the leave type and click Update

4. This report will show you the list of employees and their balances. Check which employees have negative balances.

Step 2: Record a Transaction

1. Navigate to Reports > Time Off Ledger.

2. Click Record a New Transaction under the Popular Activities menu.

3. From your list, select the employee name and choose the leave type.

4. Since the employee's balance is negative you'd need to increase the same amount to give the employee a balance of 0 at the start of the preceding year. Enter the amount in the credit field.

5. Enter a Note which will appear on your employees' time off ledger.

6. Choose your transaction date (eg. Dec 31, 2015).

7. Click Update.

  • Once you navigate back to the employee's Time Off section, you should see that 0 days have been carried over.

Still have questions about negative leave balances carrying  into the next year? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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