When Can Users View Time Off Requests on Their Calendars?

All users in your account have access to the Company Calendar. Items that the users in your account can see on the company calendar, depends on the status of the request, how the time off type is set up and the account type of the user.

If a user is having an issue seeing a time off request follow the below steps to diagnose the possible issue:

1. Only Approved Time Off requests will appear on your company calendar.

2. Check if the time off type is set to show on calendar.

  • Navigate to Administration (gear icon)> Employees > Types of Time Off and click on the time off type (eg. Vacation)
  • Scroll down at the bottom of the page and click on Show On Calendar box to display approved requests of this leave type on the company calendar.

3. Check the privacy setting of the Time Off Type.  The selected privacy controls who can see approved requests of this leave type on your company calendar.

4. Depending on the selected privacy setting, you may need to change the user's account type for the user to view the employee's time off request on the calendar. Example: If it is set to Employee & Manager, the employee's manager should have a Manager account type

To change the account type:

  • Navigate to the user's profile and click on Edit Profile.

  • In the Account Details tab, select the respective account type from the drop down field.

  • Click on Save Details.

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