How To Generate Employee's Birthday Report?

When you add an employee or update an employee profile, birthday is one of the fields that you can fill out under the Employee Details section. 

When you need to generate a report that sorts your active users by birth month, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Import a Custom List in Excel

Create a custom list in Excel to create your own list. In this report, we need a list of all the dates in a year. 

  • Enter 1/1 on your Excel and drag it down to the cell until it reaches the value 12/31.
  • Format the date to text with this formula =Text(<select cell of the date>,"m/d").

  • Drag until the last date. Highlight the column, right click, copy and paste as values.

  • Highlight from the first date to the last date. Then, in your Excel menu bar click on File > Options.
  • Under Advanced., go to General and click on Edit Custom Lists.

  • The highlighted column will appear as the default value on the Import list from cells field. Click on Import.

  • The highlighted list will now be added on your Custom Lists. Click on OK.

You only need to create the custom list once. As soon as it is added on your Excel custom list, you don't need to repeat this step when you generate the birthday report in the future.

Step 2: Generate an Export Users report from TribeHR

The Export Users report shows currently active users in the account with the information that you select

  • If you are given permissions to View the Export Users Report


  • Navigate to Reports > Export Users.

  • Select the fields you wish to include in your report and click on Export as CSV. You may find these fields useful in creating your Birthday Report.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Birthdate
    • Job Title
    • Department
    • Location
  • Click on User Export link on the right side of the page to access the report.


Step 3: Sort Report Using Your Custom List

  • Format the dates ("m/d") in your report, same with your custom list in Excel.

  • Highlight the data set in your report.
  • In your Excel menu, click on Sort & Filter > Custom Sort.
  • Sort by birthdate column, sort on values and select Custom List from the Order field.

  • Select the custom list that you created and click on OK

  • Click on OK to proceed.

  • Your report will now be sorted by month.

Still have questions about how to generate a birthday report? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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