How To Re-Open an Archived Job Posting?

If you are given permissions to modify Job postings you can re-open an archived post. When a Job Posting is archived in your account, being able to re-open it depends on how it was closed.

  • The "Close Job, Archive Applicants" was clicked on the job posting. Clicking on the button will remove the job posting from the list of your job postings (Hiring > Job Posting). If the "Close Job. Archive Applicants" was clicked, the job posting cannot be re-opened for future applicants. 

If you clicked on "Close Job, Archive Applicants" on the Job Posting and you need more applicants on the same job posting, you need to create a new one

  • The Job Posting closed date has passed. A job posting is removed from the public job board when it's closed date has expired.The close date is one of the items that you set up when you create a job posting. For people to access and apply for the job posting on your job board, follow the steps below: 
  1. Navigate to Hiring > Job Postings.
  2. Click on Manage this Position of the job posting with a passed closed date.
  3. Click on Edit Job Posting.
  4. Change the Close Date to a future date and click on Save Job Posting.
  5. A message will appear that your job posting has been saved. This job posting will appear on your public job board.

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