How To Use Ad-Hoc Reporting To Know Who Approved A Time Off Request

If you are given permissions to View the Approved Time Off Request Report,


You can generate a report to determine who approved a time off request/s by completing the process below: 

  • Navigate to the Employee's Profile (the user whose time off request was approved).
  • Click on the Time Off panel and then select the appropriate Leave Type that you wish to view using the drop down menu.

  • Navigate to the leave request that you wish to take a look at by the Date of the approved request from the Applied Transactions or Scheduled Transactions section. Then click on Approved Request (in blue hyperlink). 

  • This will lead you to Edit Time Off Request screen. Take note of the Model ID  which can be found at the end of the URL on this page.

Once you have the Model ID, we can now proceed in creating an Ad-Hoc report using the Log record by completing the following steps: 

  •  Navigate to Reports then go to Ad-Hoc Reports then New Report

  • This will bring up the Add a New Report box, select Log from the Record drop down list then click on Continue

  •  The next screen will ask you to Choose Your Content, select the following fields:

Log > ID

Log > Title 

Log > Description 

Log > Model 

Log > Model ID 

Log >Action 

Log > Change 

Log > Created

User > Id

User > Username 

User > Email 

User > Created 

User > Modified 

  • After choosing your content, click on Next Step.  

  • This will lead you to Filter Results screen, click on Add a New Filter. On the Field drop down section, select Log > Model Id; Operator: Equal to; Value: Enter the number that you took note of, from the approved leave request URL.  
  • Add a second filter by clicking Add a New Filter again. Field: Log > Model; Operator: Equal to; Value: LeaveRequest (this should be one word). Then click on Next Step.  

  • Next screen will allow you to Sort Results (this is optional). Otherwise, click on Next Step
  • This will lead you to Choose Output screen, you can rename the Report Name. You can also choose your Output (HTML or Excel). Click on Preview Report, if you wish to see the report first. If everything looks good, you can click on Save Report.

  • Once you've generated the Log Ad-Hoc report, this will provide you who requested and who approved the time off under the Description or Username column. You will also see the username of the one who updated the request. You will see the status of the request under Change column. The status should be "(0)=>(1)", where 0 is pending and 1 is approved. 
  • On the screenshot below the leave request with model Id of 58 was added by "Joe.Fischer" and this request was approved/edited by "", this is basing it from the Username or Description column. 

  • When a leave request is approved through Email notification or Mobile App, the user who approved the request will not appear on the Ad-Hoc Report. The report will only show under Description column "LeaveRequest updated by System" and the Username and Email is left blank

Still have questions about using Ad-Hoc report to know who approved a leave request? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help! 

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