How Can Reviews Be Completed By More Than One Manager?

When reviews are launched, the closest user above the employee with a manager account type receives the notification to add comments and complete the employee's review.

Some companies need more than one manager to fill out the manager's side of the employee's review. While one manager may be assigned to the review, any manager above them can add comments and assist in filling out the review. 


  • Since there is only one comment box for the Manager's comments, the managers will have to input their comments in the same box and decide on who will and when to hit the Finish button. 
  • The manager adds comments on the employee's review and clicks on Save Progress and informs the second manager.


  • The second manager, can navigate to the employee's profile and access the employee's review in the review panel. 

  • The second manager can view, edit and add on the first manager's comments.

  • Once either of the managers hits the Finish button it locks down the review and will proceed with the review process.

  • Since talking points cannot be saved as draft, the two managers should decide on who will enter the talking points (these usually come out of the meeting between the manager and employee regarding the review) and click on Save Review.

  • After the manager clicks on Save Review, it is now the employee's turn to add talking points (if any) and click on File Review to complete the review process. 

  • The manager assigned to the employee's review will receive all email notifications during the review progress. The managers above them in the reporting line can navigate to the employee's profile to access the employee's review.

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