How can I Use Custom Fields to Track Alternative Hire Date?

For an employee you may want to track an alternate hire date to track, for example, when they were hired as a full time employee if they were previously part time. Using custom fields you can track this information the employee's file. 

Step 1: Create a custom field

  • As an Administrator, create a custom field for the initial date that the employee entered the company.
  • Navigate to Administration (gear icon) > Employees and click on New Custom Field button.

  • Enter a name for the custom field, select a privacy setting and field type.
  • Click on Save Custom Field.

Step 2: Update the custom field

Step 3: Update the Hired Date under Job Details section

  • Navigate to the employee profile, Job Details section and update the First Day of Work field with the most recent data.



  • Navigate to Reports > Export Users Report.
  • Select the fields that you need. Fields that are helpful in this report are: First Name, Last Name, Date Hired and the custom field, Hired Date (PT)
  • Click on Export as CSV.

  • You will then be able to pull both hired dates in the report.

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