What Review Stages Might Be Assigned To Employee's Reviews

When you start a review cycle in TribeHR, the Employee and the Manager need to complete employee's review. As an Administrator you can check the review status by looking at the Stage assigned to the review. 

As an Administrator, navigate to the Performance tab, under the Active Reviews section. In this section you'll see a list of all reviews that are currently active and have not been filed. Each review has an associated stage that can be found in the stages column beside the review name; these are the different review stages that you will see:

1. When the stage is In Progress it means that the employee and the manager still needs to click on the Finish button. The percentage in the Progress Bar represents how complete the employee and the manager has filled out their comments in the review.

2. When the stage is Waiting for Manager Comments it means that the Employee and Manager have both clicked the Finish button. It is assumed that they have an in person meeting and discuss their comments. The Manager then has the option to add any talking points to the review. 

3. When the stage is Waiting for Employee Comments it means that the manager has added final talking points and clicked on Save Review, completing their part of the review process. It is now time for the employee to add his/her final talking points and click on File Review to complete the process. 

4. As soon as the Employee clicks File, the review is complete and will appear in the Filed Reviews section.

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