Can I Update A News Article That has Been Posted to the Company Newsfeed?

News Articles can be seen by all users in your account on their Homepage. Human Resource Administrators can Add a News Article to the company news feed and Delete an article that has been previously posted. 

Currently, there is no Edit option, however you can delete the news article, then add an updated version of it back to your account. If you want to update an existing news article, complete the following steps:  

  • Login as an Human Resource Administrator. Navigate to Administration (gear icon on the upper right hand part of your screen). 
  • Click on Company then go to News Articles. This will give you the list of all the news articles that are in your account. 

  • Click on the Title of the news article (in blue hyperlink), this will lead you to the details of the article. Since we are updating an existing news story. Copy the content of the news article into your prefered word processor program, so we can edit and copy this information back into our account.

  • After copying the information into your word processor, you can now go back to the list of articles and click on Delete (blue hyperlink) that is beside the Title of the article that you wish to update. 

  • pop up message will appear to confirm this action. Click on OK to continue. This will permanently remove the article from your account. 

  • After deleting the news article, you can go back to your document, edit and add the updated article back to your TribeHR account.

Still have questions about editing news articles to the company news feed? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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