How Can I Use the Leave Tracking Feature to Track Lieu Time?

Using the time off feature you can track and record Lieu Time for your employees for time worked over and above their normal hours. This article will walk you through the process of how to setup Lieu Time and the two possible options for you to track this time for your employees. If you are given permissions in Leave Transactions and in Time Tracking.


You may proceed to the steps below:

Step 1: Create a New Time Off Type 

Add a New Time Off Type and name it "Lieu Time" or your preferred name. Set the accrual schedule to Accrue Annually with a Default Annual Allocation of zero.

Setting the allocation to zero will not accrue time for this type of time off.

If you wish to set Carry Over for a specific amount that can be carried over at the end of the year to the following year. If you don't want any time to be carried over, enter a zero amount in the Default Carry Over box. You can also set an unlimited carry over amount by entering 999.

Carry over can have an expiration depending on the parameter that you set in the Carry Over Expires drop down. If you wish for the carryover to never expire select "Does Not Expire"

Step 2: Track Lieu Time

Once you've added the Lieu Time time off type, you have two options in managing lieu time.

Option 1: Manually Add the Transactions

When an employee works overtime hours, the employee then informs the Administrator the amount of overtime hours they have worked. The Administrator then manually adds this amount as a credit to the employee's Lieu Time time off type. This option creates reporting that is easily read using the time off reports, since the Administrator is entering time earned as credits.

To add the credit, complete the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to Reports. Then click on Standard Reports, then choose Time Off Ledger under Vacation & Time Accounting. 
  2. This will lead you to the Time Off Ledger report, click on Record a New Transaction under the Popular Activities menu
  3. Next on the Add a Transaction screen, select the Leave Type (Lieu Time), choose the Employee Name, enter the amount on Credit (since we are adding time), enter a Note (adding a Note is mandatory field and will serve as description of the transaction, example: Overtime) and select the Transaction Date.
  4. Once you have completed the form, click Update

After clicking Update, the amount will be recorded in the Employee Leave Record. Navigate to Employee Profile under Time Off panel, and you'll see the credit recorded in the employee's time off ledger.

When the employee wishes to take the time they have earned under Lieu Time they can use this amount by requesting leave via the Book Some Time Off form.  

Once the Lieu Time off request has been approved, you will see this record as well on the Time Off panel on the Employee Profile

The Time Off Report allows you to report on the time your employees have earned and taken. Choose Lieu Time from the Type drop down, this will provide you the Name of the Employee, Annual amount, Carried Amount, Earned, Used, Balance and To Be Earned. Amounts earned by the employee will appear in the Earned column and leave taken by employees will appear in the used column.

Option 2: Allow Employees to Request Negative Days Off for Lieu Time

When employees work overtime hours, using the book time off feature, the employee reports the hours that they earned by submitting it as a time off request for their manager's approval. Once the manager approves the earned hours that the employee requested, the transaction will be recorded on the employee's time off ledger. If the employee wishes to use the extra hours worked, the employee needs to submit a time off request which will be routed to the employee's manager.

This option will allow the employee to submit the extra hours worked to their manager for approval. However, since time earned and time taken are both tracked in the debit column the numbers on the time off report are more difficult to interpret.

  1. When employee has worked over time, the employee uses the book some time off tool to track the extra hours work. Select Lieu Time as time off type, and select the dates. To record the amount that the employee earned from working over time, employee needs to edit the amount on the Total Hours Off Work box and add a negative (-) symbol in front of the hours worked. Click on Submit Request for it to be submitted to the manager.
  2. Since the employee submits his earned time as a time off request, this option gives the manager the ability to check the time that the employee reports they have earned. Once the manager has approved the time it will appear as an approved request on the employee's time off ledger.
  3. When the employee wishes to take the time they have earned under Lieu Time, employee creates a regular leave request.
  4. Once the manager approves the request, the amount will appear in the employee's time off ledger as an approved request.
  5. In the employee's ledger, the employee's actual time earned (extra hours work) and used are in the Debit column. The negative amounts are the employee's amount of time earned while the positive amounts are the employee's amount of time used.

In this option, when you generate the Time Off Report the Earned and Used amounts are combined and reported under Used column instead of being reported separately.

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