How Can I Use TribeHR to Track Business Travel?

Using the leave tracking features, you can track the time your employees spend travelling for business purposes.

Step 1: Create a New Leave Type Type

Add a Time Off Type and name it "Business Travel" or your preferred name.

Set the accrual schedule to "Do Not Accrue. Just Track Usage". This will track the number of days that an employee books off but will not set up an accrual schedule for this type of time off.

Check Show On Calendar box and the desired privacy setting on who can view the approved business travel time off requests on their calendars.

Click on Save Time Off.

Step 2: Track Business Travel

When the employee books a time off request, Business Travel will now be available on the Type of Time Off drop down for the employee to choose. The amount of days used prior to the request will display on the book some time off screen.

Navigate to the employee profile, expand the time off section and select Business Travel as leave type. Once the Business Travel time off request is approved, you will see an Approved Request transaction on the time off ledger.

Step 3: Reporting

In the Time Off report, select your date parameters (start date and end date) and Business Travel from the type drop down.

You may also add filters for this report as you wish. This report will show you the list of employees and the respective amount of time they used for Business Travel in the Used column.

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