Why Is an Employee's Review Directed To The Wrong Manager?

When you launched a review for an employee, you noticed that the employee's review was directed to the wrong manager even when the manager was assigned to the employee's profile.

The employee's review gets directed to the closest user above the employee with the Manager account type. To fix this, you will need to ensure that the correct manager has the correct account type assigned to them. To do this, complete the following steps:

1. Edit the manager's profile and change the account type to Manager

Navigate to the manager's profile, then click on Edit Profile. Under the Account Details tab, select Managers as the account type and click on Save Details.

2. If the employee entered comments in the review that was routed to the wrong manager, as an administrator copy paste the comments into a Word document and send it to the employee.

3. Next, delete the review that was routed to the wrong manager because changes made on employee's profile after the review is launched will reflect in future review cycles. Note that deleted reviews cannot be retrieved.

Navigate to the employee's profile, expand the Reviews section and click on the review with the wrong manager. At the bottom of the page, click on Delete.

3. Start a new review. This review should now be directed to the correct manager. 

4. The employee pulls out the comments from the file and pastes it on the new review.

5. The employee and the manager complete the employee's review.

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