Why Are My Feedback Responses Not Appearing in My Review?

For feedback responses to be included in an employee's review, it needs to meet two conditions:

1. The shared feedback must be shared before the review is launched. A review package captures the information on the employee's file at the moment the review is created. Any changes after the review is launched will not be captured in the review package.

2. Only shared feedback responses are included in your review. When the requestor collects feedback, they must share the review response for it to be included in the review. To do this, click on Review Feedback; here, the feedback requestor will find a checkbox to share the response to the employee's manager and include in the employee's review, check the box to include in the review.

If the Share this Response checkbox is not checked the feedback will not be included in the review.

How To Include the Shared Responses in Employee's Review?

If the requestor clicked on share responses after the review is launched, the administrator will need to delete the old review (without the feedback responses) and launch a new review. The new review should now include the shared responses.

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