How Can I Edit the Automatic Email That Gets Sent Out To Applicants?

If you are given permissions to Modify the company settings, you can change the message that is automatically sent out to the applicants who submitted their application through your public job board. You can do this by completing the following steps:

1. Navigate to Administration (gear icon) >  Company > General Info.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Job Site section. This is where all your job posting communications are customized.

3. Make sure that the Email Applicants box is checked for the response to be sent out to your applicants.

4. In the Email Application Response textbox, edit or enter the message you want to send to your applicants.

5. Click on Save Company Information.


Tip: In customizing your email response, you can use <p> to start a paragraph and </p> to close the paragraph. You can insert <b> on the words or phrases you want to bold and end with </b>.

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