When Does A Time Off Request Show On The Company Calendar?

There are a couple of things that you need to consider for your employee's time off request to show on the company calendar. 

Possible reasons why time off is not showing on the calendar: 

  • Time off is still in pending leave request (not yet approved). 
  • Appropriate Privacy Setting is not set up correctly. 
  • Time off type is not set up to show on calendar. 
  • No leave request at all (very rare). 

You (Administrator/Manager) can check the following: 

1. Verify if the time off request has been approved. Only Approved Time Off Requests appear on your Company Calendar.  

  • You can do this by navigating to Reports > Standard Reports > Approved Time Off Requests 

  • This will give you the list of all approved time off request of your employees (for Managers, of their direct reports). You can narrow down your list by entering a Start Date, End Date, select the leave Type and then click on Update.

2. You can check the Privacy setting of the type of time off that is not showing on the Company Calendar. 

  • If you navigate to Administration (gear icon on the upper right hand corner of your screen) > Employees > Types of Time Off > Then click the Name of Time Off (in blue hyperlink) that you wish to view. 

  • This will lead you to Edit Time Off Type screen that contains the detailed settings of time off type that you chose. Scroll down to the Privacy section, to display this time off type on calendar check the "Show On Calendar" box.



After doing this process, the approved time off should appear on your company calendar. 

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