Can I Remove the Time Off Buttons On My Homepage?

The time off buttons that appear on your Homepage are the first two types of time off that were set up in your account. By default these map to Vacation and Sick time. 

You can hide these buttons if your company prefer not to use them.

1. In general as Human Resource Administrator you will have permissions to Modify the Leave Types


Navigate to Administration gearEmployees > Types of Time Off

2. It will lead you to Employee Set Up Options screen where you have the list of Types Of Time Off

3. Click the Name of the time off that you want to hide. 

4. In the Edit Time Off Type page, right underneath the Name field, check the box "Hide this type of Time Off".

5. Scroll down and click on Save Time Off.  

Hiding the time off type will remove the time off type button from the homepage and remove the time off type from the drop down list when the employees request for time off. 

On the reporting side, past time off requests (approved or not) of the specific time off that you removed will still appear on the Reports that you will generate. 

Still have questions on how to remove the time off buttons? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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