Why Can't I Log Into my TribeHR Account?

Login error message: 

Possible Scenarios:

  • I tried to login to TribeHR but still have no access. It does not accept my username or email ID.
  • I was asked to join TribeHR, I entered a password. When I attempt to log in, the system is not allowing me. 
  • System won't let me log in using my new password.
  • I am trying to log in and the site is not recognizing my email address.  


Errors like this usually occur when there is an incorrect email address on your file or user is trying to log in with an incorrect password.

Please reach out to your Administrator for your proper login credentials. Your Admin can also do a password reset for you which will allow you to log in. 

If in the event that you asked for a password reset or you have the correct email address and asked for a password reset, please complete the following steps: 

1) Make sure that you are logging in with the email address the password reset email was sent to, this will ensure that you use the correct username.

2) Make sure that if there are any dots in the reset password fields please delete them then re-enter the new password before resetting it

3) At the time you are taken back to the login screen if there are any dots in the password field, delete them and manually type in the password and login using the company email address and not the user name.

For more information, you can always check our knowledge base article on how to resolve general login issues.  

Still have questions about logins? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help! 

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