How Can I Manage the Job Position Dropdown List?

If you are given permissions to Modify Job Posting,


You can organized the job position drop-down. Once you close job postings, these will still appear on the job posting drop down list. To make it more organized, you have two options:

Option 1: Edit the job posting by changing the job posting title before closing them.

  • Change the job posting title and close the job posting.

  • This will help you in identifying which job postings are closed on your job position list.

Option 2: Delete the closed job postings. Deleting the closed job postings will remove it from the job position list.

1. Move the archived applicants from the closed job posting to an active or existing job posting (Optional).

Important: Archived applicants assigned will be removed from the account when you delete the job posting. Before you delete the job posting, use the Advanced Search feature to look for the archived applicants and move to an active job posting. 

2. Generate a report with the Job Posting ID numbers.

  • Navigate to Reports > Ad-hoc Reports. This will bring you to your Ad-hoc library with your existing reports (if any).
  • Click on New Report.

  • Select Job Posting record and click on Continue.

  • In the Contents section, select the data that you need on the report. For a report on closed job postings, the most helpful fields are:
  • Job Posting > Id
  • Job Posting > Title
  • Job Posting > Closed
  • Job Posting > Close Date

  • In Filter Results section, add the following filter:
  • Field: "Job Posting > Closed"; Operator "equal to" ; Value: "1"

  • In Sort Results section, select how you want your data to be sorted by.

  • In Choose Output section, you can rename your report and choose your report's Output (HTML or Excel) and Style. Click on Preview Report to check how your report looks like. If you're happy with the report click on Save Report to add this to your ad-hoc reports library.

3. Access the closed job posting and delete.

  • Now that you have your Closed Job Postings report, refer to the Id column. You will need this number to navigate to the URL which you can use to delete the closed job posting.
  • In your browser's URL bar, enter where # is the job posting id number. 


  • This will bring you to the closed job posting page where you can click on the Edit Job Posting link.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Delete Job Posting and Applicants. This will delete the closed job posting and all the applicants who applied to the job posting from your database.

  • A message will let you know that the job posting has been deleted.

Still have questions on how to remove closed job postings? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help! 

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