How To Generate a Leave Request Report with Employee Information

Ad-hoc report is a tool in TribeHR that you can use to create customized reports. If you are given permissions to View the Ad-Hoc Reports you can generate a leave request report.


  • Navigate to Reports tab then click on Ad-hoc Reports. This will bring you to a library of your existing ad-hoc reports, if any.
  • To create a new report click on New Report.

  • Select "Leave Request" record on the drop down list and click on Continue.

  • In the Choose Your Content section, select the fields that you wish to pull in your report. The most helpful columns are:
    • Leave Type > Name
    • User > Username
    • User >ID
    • Leave Request > Date Start
    • Leave Request > Date End
    • Leave Request > Status
    • Leave Request > Days
    • Leave Request > Hours

        Click on Next Step.

  • In the Filter Results section, you can filter the results depending on the parameters that you select.
  • Click on Add a New Filter. To run a report on a approved requests for a specific time off type, the recommended filters are the following:
    • Field : " Leave Request > Status", Operator : "equal to" , Value: "1" . (This filter should only show approved time off requests)
    • Field : " Leave Type > Name", Operator: "equal to", Value: "Vacation". (This filter should only show a specific time off type)

        To filter time off requests on a specific period, you may add the date range:

    • Field : "Leave Request > Date Start", Operator: "greater than" , Value: "2014-12-31"
    • Field: "Leave Request > Date End", Operator: "less than" , Value: "2015-02-01"

          Click on Next Step to proceed.

  • In the Sort Results section, you can select the order on how you want your data to be sorted by.

  • In the Choose Output section, here you can rename the report and choose how you want your results to display (HTML or Excel). Click on Preview Report to see how your report looks like. Click on Save Report to add the report to your ad-hoc reports library.

  • After you generated your time off request report, you may assign the user's information such as Department, Location, etc. by generating an Export User Report.

  • Here you can select the information that you wish to match to the ad-hoc report that you generated. Include User ID field on this report as your reference when you match it to the ad-hoc report. Click on Export as CSV.

  • Now, on your Excel files, you can match the data that you have in your reports by using the User Id field.

Still have questions about creating leave transaction report? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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