Can I Edit A Review Template After A Review Cycle Has Been Launched?

The ability to modify a review template within a launched review is currently not possible and is an existing feature request. 

You can still make changes on a specific review template. However, the update will be applied to future review cycles that you are about to create.

A work around that you can do if you really need to edit the review template is, if in the event that the review cycle has started and contains comments, you can do the following steps: 

1. Did the Employee or Manager enter in their comments in the employee's review?

If yes:

For Employee comments: copy the comments to any word processor that you use and send the document to the employee.

For Manager comments: copy the comments to any word processor that you use and send the document to the Manager. Or Administrators can enter them on the Manager's behalf.           

If no: no further action needed, proceed to Step 2. 

2. Delete the current review with the old template.

3. You can edit a review template by going to Administration (the gear icon on the upper right hand corner of your screen) > Employees > Review Templates

4. This will lead you to the list of review templates that are in your account. Click on the Review Template (blue hyperlink) that you wish to edit. 

5. Once you click on the review template, this will bring you to a page where you can rename and edit your review template.

  • You can check the boxes for Kudos & Notes, Goals, Skills, Shared Feedback if you want to include them in your review. Otherwise, uncheck the box.
  • You can edit a question by clicking on the question (in blue hyperlink), then change the Question, Description, Star Rating and Visibility. Then click on Save Question. 
  • You can delete questions by clicking on the Delete hyperlink parallel to the question that you want to remove.
  • You can add a new question by clicking on +Question.
  • Or you can move the questions by clicking and dragging the vertical ellipses beside the question, in which order you want. 

6. After making the update and everything looks good, click on Save Review Template.  

7. Once you have updated the review template, start a new review for the participants. If the participants have entered their comments (from Step 1); 

For Employees: Have them copy over any comments they made. 

For Managers: Have them copy over any comments they made or as an Administrator, you can add the Manager's comments to the employee review.

Still have questions about editing a review template? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help! 

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