Can I Resend A Feedback Request?

Collecting Feedback on behalf of your Employees and Collecting Feedback from Colleagues about yourself is part of the Performance Management feature in TribeHR. Occasionally, other users may forget to respond to the feedback and you may send them a reminder about the feedback question.

You can resend a feedback request by completing the following steps: 

1. Go to your Employee's Profile and click on Feedback Questions.

2. Under Feedback Responses about the employee, click on Review Feedback

2. This will lead you to the detailed information of your feedback request, click on Send Reminder

3. This will show you the question that you created and a custom reminder message. Then click once again the Send Reminder button. 

The Send Reminder button will allow you to resend the feedback question and the recipients of the question will receive a notification on their email. The email reminder will only be sent to those who haven't responded to the question. 

You can always find your feedback requests in your Employee Profile under your Feedback tab. This tab includes the "Feedback Questions to Answer" feedback requests that you need to respond to and "Feedback Responses About You".

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