How To Integrate with Paychex

When you set up Paychex integration, you can run your regular Payroll report in TribeHR, and then download a custom Payroll Report that contains the adjustments between periods for each employee. This file can be imported directly into the Paychex desktop importer at time of payrun.

How To Set Up Integration with Paychex

1. If you are given permission to Configure the Payroll, navigate to Administration gear Payroll.


2. To integrate data with Paychex Online Payroll, click on the corresponding button.

3. Fill in the details such as your Paychex Company Id, Paid Time Off type specified in Paychex and the Employee ID as stored in Paychex Online Payroll.

4. Click on Save Settings.

5. A message will confirm that you saved your payroll configuration settings.

How To Update the Paychex Payroll Employee ID Individually


  • To update the Paychex Payroll Employee ID of an existing user profile, click on Edit Profile. In the Account Details tab, scroll down to the Payroll Integration section where you can enter the employee's Paychex Payroll ID. 

How To Export Paychex Report

1. To run the payroll report, navigate to ReportsPayroll.

2. Select the dates of your payroll period and click on Update Report.

3. On the right side of the page, click on Prepare Paychex Export under Popular Activities.

You can then import this report directly into your Paychex importer at time of pay-run.

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