How Do I Activate my TribeHR Employee Account?

Once your administrator invites you to join TribeHR, an email with the invitation code will be sent out to the email address assigned to your profile.

  • It is important to note that this code expires in 7 days. If you have accessed this beyond 7 days, you would need to request your administrator to re-invite you into TribeHR.

  • Click on the link. This will bring you to the accept an invitation page.
  • Click on Next.

  • In the Account Details section, fill out information such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Username, Password and Confirm Password.

  • In the Employee Details section, fill out information such as Manager, Job Title, Department, Company Phone Number and First Day of Work.

  • In the Contact and Other section, fill out information such as Mobile or Phone, Street Address, Unit or P.O. Box, City, Province, Country, Postal, Birthday, Civil Status, Twitter, Blog and LinkedIn.
  • Click on Create My Account.

  • You will then proceed to your TribeHR account!


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