Getting Started with Reviews

Reviews allow you to evaluate employee performance during a specific period. In TribeHR you can customize review templates which allows you to create a customizable questionnaire and to include Kudos and Notes, Goals, Skills and Feedback into the process

Who Participates in the Review Cycle?

  • Employee - the user selected to have their performance evaluated.
  • Manager - the manager assigned to the employee's review is the closest user with the manager account type. The manager will be the one to review and add comments to the employee's review.

Who Launches the Review? 

  • The Administrators can start a review cycle for everyone in the company.
  • The Managers can start a review cycle for their reports.

What Happens When I Start A Review Cycle?

  • TribeHR will take a snapshot of the employee's information such as the Kudos, Goals and progress of goals, Notes, Shared feedback and managers attached to the employee's account at that time you click on Start A Review Cycle.
  • The employee and the respective manager will receive an email notification that a review has started and they can add comments and complete the employee's review.

What is the Review Process in TribeHR? 

When Does It Appear on My Home Page?

  • The review appears as an action item on the Employee and Manager's home page when the review is due in the next seven (7) days, and they have not completed it.

What Happens When I Have Not Completed the Review on its Due Date?

  • The review will remain on the Employee and Manager's home page and will remain active for them to access and complete.

Where Can I Find Reviews and their Corresponding Statuses?

  • As an Administrator you can check In Progress reviews under Active Reviews. This page shows all reviews that have not been filed, name of the review and employee, the respective stage, manager, due date and progress.
  • As an administrator you can check Filed reviews under Filed Reviews. This page shows all completed reviews, name of the review and employee, the respective stage ("Filed"), manager and due date.

Is There a Report that Generates the Content of Reviews?

  • Export Review Summary Report - this is a report that an administrator can generate to export questions and corresponding answers of reviews. The report pulls the answers of both the employee and the manager.

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