Why Do Employees Have Negative Currently Available Balances?

When a type of time off is on an annual accrual schedule, all employees get the accrual on a specific date. When you set up an employee in TribeHR after this date, they will not get the accrual and you need to manually give it to them. If this hasn't been done and they book time off, they will have a negative balance.

  • Login as an Administrator.
  • Navigate to the Reports tab and click on the Time Off Ledger standard report.

  • In the right hand column under the Popular Activities menu, click on Record a New Transaction.

  • Select the Leave Type you wish to update and the Employee it applies to using the drop downs.  
  • In the Credit box type in the number of days that the employee is allocated. (For example, if they get 5 sick days for the year they are hired, you would put 5 in this box)
  • Type in a Note that will appear in the employee's time off ledger.
  • Select the Transaction Date using the date drop downs. (A common date to put here is the date the employee was hired)
  • Click Update to add this to the employee's file. 

  • If you navigate back to the employee's file, expand the time off section and select the type of time off you just updated from the drop down, you should now see the correct Currently Available balance on their file. 

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