Getting Started with Applicant Tracking

TribeHR's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows users to create a custom job board, recruit for job postings and manage applicants. When getting started with the ATS complete the following steps:

1. Configure ATS Settings on General Info Page

  • Click on the gear icon on your header, then navigate to Company tab and go to on General Info section.

  • In the Job Site section, enter a brief description of your company in the Company Description box. This information will be displayed in your Job Board, if you use the correct shortcode in your custom job board markup.

  • The Application Message box is where you enter the message that will be displayed in the applicant's browser once they have successfully submitted an application through your job board. 
  • Click on the Add the "Apply Now via Indeed" button to job postings check box if you want to accept Indeed resumes through your job board.

  • Check the Email Applicants checkbox if you want to automatically send applicants an email notification after they have submitted their application to the job board.
  • The Email Applicant Response box is where you type in the message that will be sent out to applicants after they have submitted their application. 

  • If you are collecting EEO data from your applicants, enable the EEO Features under the Compliance section.
  • Click Save Company Information to save the settings 

2. Customize Hiring Stages

  • Once the ATS general settings have been configured, it's time to set up the hiring stages. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon on your header and navigate to navigating to Hiring tab.
  • On your Hiring Stages section, here you can see your current hiring stages (if any), you can create your hiring stages and sort them in the order which you want them to appear. 
  • The list of stages and the order you set here will control how the stages appear in the Hiring section when you or the hiring team is moving an applicant through the hiring process.

 3. Create a Job Posting

  • Creating job posting can be done by Hiring for a new role and hiring for an existing role and you can also create two types of job postings: public or internal/private. 
  • Internal/ private job postings appear only to those who have employee profiles in TribeHR, this can be seen in the Hiring tab of TribeHR.
  • Public job postings may optionally appear in the following areas: 
    • Company website- if this is enabled, all public job postings will appear on your company website
    • Facebook page- if this is enabled, all public job postings will appear on your company Facebook page

4. Hire for a New Role 

  • To hire for a new role navigate to the Hiring tab, on the right side of the page click on Hire for a new role beneath the Popular Activities menu.

  • Once on this page, enter the Job Title, Description and EEO information (if applicable) and click Save Job
  • This will direct you to the job posting page here you will need to confirm the Job Title, Department, Description and Teaser.

5. Hire for an Existing Role

  • To create job posting from an existing position, navigate to the Company tab then to Company Positions
  • Once on this page, locate the role you're hiring for in the list then click on the Hire for This Job link beside it.

  • This will direct you to the job posting page here you will need to confirm the Job Title, Department, Description and Teaser, which are generated from information you have previously input into TribeHR.

  • Set the  number of open vacancies, close date, location, visibility and EEO compliance (if applicable). 
  • Click on Save Job Posting, to save the job posting.

6. Choose your Hiring Team

  • Click on the Manage this Position button for the role your wish to assign a hiring team to. 

7. Routing Applicants To TribeHR

  • Once the job board is customized, you are now ready to route and track applicants. 
  • There are two ways to route applicants to TribeHR: Job Posting Email Address and Public URL
  • Job Posting Email Address- any email submitted to this address will be automatically converted into an applicant file in TribeHR for this opportunity. Input this email address as the recipient inbox for your online job ad to automatically route applicants to TribeHR. 
  • Public URL- Any application submitted through this page will be automatically converted into an applicant file in TribeHR for this opportunity. In put this URL as the application page for your online job ads to automatically route applicants to TribeHR. 

8. Applicant Files

  • Once applicants are in the system either through applying or being manually added  an  applicant file is created.
  • Administrators have the capability to edit their information move them through hiring stages, send them a message, add a note, upload a file and hire the applicant


9. Hire For A New Employee

  • Once the recruiting process is done and you have selected a candidate to hire, you can add them directly to TribeHR by using the information from their applicant file.
  • Navigate to Hiring tab then go to Applicants subtab.
  • From here you can search for the applicants through the list.

  • In the applicant file click on the Hire button to start the hiring process

  • This will bring up a dialog box, check on Create New Employee Account, add a note that will be added to the applicant file then click on the Hire button.

  • This will then bring you to the Employee Wizard where you add new employees manually in the system.
  • Any information that the applicant has provided will be auto-populated into the wizard. However, you also have the capability to modify this auto-populated information such as the email, contact information, etc. 

  • Once you have completed the Employee Wizard, your applicant will now be an employee in your TribeHR account.

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