What Can You Do In An Employee's Time Off Section?

The Employee Profile consists of three sections: Employee Dashboard, Performance Management tabs, and Employee Information Drop Downs.

  • To access an employee's time off data, navigate to the employee profile and expand the Time Off section.

  • Click on Review Time Off Requests to view all time off requests created with its corresponding details such as type, brief description of the request, status and when it was submitted.

  • Below the Review Time Off Requests tab, you will see how many hours the employee works in one day (ie. 1 day is defined as 8 hrs).

  • Select a Leave Type from the drop down. This will display the calculations and details of the corresponding time off.

Next, the grey box, gives a summary of leave data for the type of time off selected.

  • Annually Allowed - The amount of days specified in the employee's annual allocation. Set and update individual annual allocation by clicking on the number. 
  • Currently Available - The amount of days available in total. This includes days to be earned and historical data.

Note: TribeHR will not backfill time off data based on employee's hire date (including monthly accruals) and so you will need to update the amount available to reflect each employee's current available amount. You may update these records individually by clicking on the number beside the Currently Available.

Below the grey box are is the employee's time off ledger, its broken first up by fiscal year then by applied or scheduled transactions.

Some common terms in this section are: 

  • Approved Request - an approved time off request will result in a debit to an employee's time off balance. Balance is calculated with Time Off Earned and Time Off Used. It does not take into account the Time Off To Be Earned.
  • Automatic Monthly Accrual - When accrual settings are monthly, this transaction is a calculation between number of days allocated per year. This transaction record displays a credit to an employee's time off balance.
  • The note that that was entered when adjusting or creating a leave transaction will also appear under the Note column.  
  • You can also click on the Show and Hide drop down panel to minimize and maximize the list of employee leave transactions.

Still have questions about the time off section in the employee's profile? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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