How To Set Up Salary Privacy Settings

As an Administrator, you can also set up privacy settings for employee's salary information. 

  • As an Administrator, click on the gear icon on your header, navigate to Company tab and go to General Info section.

  • Under the Privacy section select who can edit and who can see the salary information and click on save

Who Can Edit Salary Information?

There are two choices available for the “Who can edit salary information?” option:

  1. Admins Only. This is the default value for new accounts going forward, and means that only Administrators will ever be able to edit the salary records for an employee.
  2. Manager. If you already have a TribeHR account, this is your current value – all Administrators are able to edit salary records, and anyone who has a Manager account and is above the target employee in the organization chart (depending on your management style) will be able to add, edit and remove salary records.

Who Can See Salary Information?

The available options are:

  1. Admins Only. The only people able to see salary information are Administrators. No exceptions.
  2. Manager. Managers who can edit the target employee’s profile can see their subordinates’ salary information, in addition to Administrators.
  3. Employee & Manager. The same as for the Manager option, except everyone can now see their own salary information as well. This is the current TribeHR behavior.
  4. Everyone. If your organization has a very open culture, then you now have the option to allow everyone to view the salary information for everyone else in the company.

Still have questions about setting up Salary privacy settings in TribeHR? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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