How Do Hiring Managers Add An Applicant To A Job Posting?

Hiring Managers are given permissions to Create Applicant, where they can manually add an applicant to a job posting if they are part of the hiring team for that position.

  • Log in and click on the Hiring tab.
  • On the right side of the page under Popular Activities, click on Add a Job Applicant.

  • Fill out the fields on the Uploading Candidates page.
  • Select the Job Position from the drop down list.
  • Enter the applicant’s  First Name and Last Name which are required fields followed by all other information available (email, phone number and address)
  • Attach the applicant’s resume and cover letter if available

  • You may also attach other files that may help the applicant with the application by accessing the link to upload additional files. There is a total limit of 15MB of uploaded files at one time. If you have several larger files, you will need to upload them in stages.
  • Click Add Applicant.

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