Getting Started with 360 Feedback

360 Feedback can be provided in the context of a formal review process, or by request at any time. Anyone in the organization can request feedback on a specific activity or their overall performance, whenever they need it—allowing employees to take ownership of their own performance and growth.

TribeHR 360 Feedback: How it Works for Management

  • This functionality enables administrators and managers to request feedback about their reports from others, at any time, either in preparation for a review or outside of a review process.
  • They also have the option to make the feedback anonymous
  • Administrators and Managers can request feedback for their employees they just need to navigate to the their profile, click on the Feedback tab and click on Ask For New Feedback.

  • Then select the name of the person you are asking feedback for from the drop down menu. Type in the question, click on the check box if you wish to make the feedback anonymous, and select your respondents.
  • Click on Request Feedback, to send out your feedback request.

TribeHR 360 Feedback: How it Works for Employees

  • It also empowers employees at all levels to manage their own performance and growth by collecting feedback from their colleagues and supervisors.
  • To do this, they have to navigate on their Employee Profile, click on the Feedback tab and click on the Ask for New Feedback

  • Type in the question, click on the check box if you wish to make the feedback anonymous, select the people you want to ask and click on Request Feedback.

  • After requesting for the feedback and respondents have already provided their feedback, administrators, managers and employees have the option to summarize the feedback and share the response.
  • Sharing a response will fold it into the review process, so it can be discussed during formal review processes.  

Incorporating Feedback into Performance Reviews

  • Before launching the review make sure that share feedback has been included in the review template
  • To do this, click on the gear icon on your header, navigate to the Employees tab and then go to the Review Template section.
  • Click on the review template you wish to edit.

  • Make sure that the Shared Feedback checkbox is checked and save the template if there are changes made to it.

  • And once you have collected all feedback, shared it and checked the review template, you can now launch a performance review
  • To do this, navigate to the Performance tab and click on Review Cycle

  • Once you have filled out the necessary cycle information and selected the review template and assigned it to the employees, click on Save Review Cycle.

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