How Can I Use Badges to Create an Employee Rewards Program?

Badges are a feature which you can enable on your account. Enabling badges will allow you to create badges and attach them to Kudos. Using this feature you can create an Employee Rewards program by attaching point values to badges. 

How to Create Badges

An Employee Rewards program is a way to recognize your employees. A popular way to do this is to reward points, which can then be redeemed for specific rewards. Points are usually rewarded on a colleague to colleague basis. In TribeHR these points take the form of badges, which are attached to Kudos. The first step in setting up this feature is to create the badges that will correspond to point values.

  • If you are given permissions to Create, Modify and Delete Badges


  • Navigate to the Culture tab and click on Badges.
  • Click on the Setup link. This is where you can create new badges to represent points.
  • Click on New Badge to create badges appropriate for your Employee Rewards program.

  • On the Badges Set Up screen, you can add a new badge by clicking on the New Badge button.

  • Add a Name for the new badge. This could be based on points, ranking or monetary value, depending on how you wish to set up your program.
  • Add a Description for this new badge. 
  • You can Choose an Image or Upload Your Own icon. 
  • Click on Save Badge

  • After saving the new badge, it will automatically be added to your Badge list and appear in the drop down menu when giving Kudos.


How Do I Give Points to My Colleagues?

After the badges have been added, and once colleagues have permissions to Give and View Badges, they can award them to their co-workers by attaching the badge to Kudos.


  • Click on the Give Kudos button.

  • Enter and select the name of employees from the list in the recipient box.
  • Enter a description of your colleague's achievement or reason why you're giving him/her reward points.
  • Select the applicable Badge that corresponds to the points you want to give from the drop down list.
  • Click on Give Kudos


How to Check Points Received?

If you have the permissions to View reports such as Ad-Hoc Reports, you can monitor the points that the employees received by using the Ad-Hoc reports tool. You can generate this Ad-hoc report to track the total number of Badges or points that your employees received for a specific time frame (example: Monthly, Quarterly, Annually).

  • Navigate to the Reports tab and click on Ad-Hoc Reports. Here you will find saved ad-hoc reports (if any).
  • To create a new report, click New Report.

  • From the drop down menu, select the record you wish to pull from. For this report, select EarnedBadges record and click Continue to proceed to the next screen. 

  • In the Choose Your Content section, click on the fields that you wish to view in the report. For the Rewards Program tracking report, the most useful columns are:
    • Earned Badges > Created
    • Badges > Name
    • User > Username
  • Click Next Step, to move to the next screen.

  • In the Filter Results section, add filters to determine what results you want to show up on your report. To show a report of points that employees received in a specific period, add the following filters: (This will filter data of earned badges from Jan 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014)
    • Field: "Earned Badges > Created", Operator: "greater than", Value: "2013-12-31" and
    • Field: "Earned Badges > Created", Operator: "less than", Value: "2014-04-01"
  • Click Next Step, to move to the next screen.

  • In the Sort Results section, select the columns you wish to sort the report by.
  • Click Next Step to move to the next screen.

  • In the Choose Output screen, create a Report Name, choose if you want a line to display the total number of records, select your Output format (HTML or Excel) and choose your Style (Simple or Styled).
  • Once you are satisfied with your report, click on Save Report. This will add your report to your Ad-Hoc Reports library where you can access it whenever you wish.

How to Track Employee's Reward Points?

Once you have generated the report on the list of employees and their corresponding Rewards points, you can add this information in the employee profile.

  • Create a custom field in your TribeHR account.This field will appear on the Account Details page of all your employees' profiles.

You may consider changing the privacy setting for this custom field to be visible and edited by admins only or manager only.

How to Track Employees' Reward Points Earned and Reward Points Redeemed?

Once you have added and managed the custom field for your Rewards Program, you will be able to easily pull a report on this information, so you can see an overview of the points earned and redeemed by your employees.

  • Navigate to Reports tab.
  • On Standard Reports, click on Export Users report under General Reports section.
  • Select the custom field that you created to track your employees' points and other details that you need in your report. Some details that you may find helpful to pull in your report are the ff: First Name, Last Name, Department, Location.
  • Click on Export as CSV to generate the report.

Still have questions about using badges to create an Employee Rewards Program? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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