How Do You Set Up A Hiring Team for a Job Posting?

A Hiring team is a group of users within within your TribeHR account that have access to applicant files to comment on candidates and assist in the hiring process.  A Hiring team is able to move the applicants through hiring stages, load documents and help assess candidates from within TribeHR. 

  • If given with this permissions to manage Hiring Team, navigate to the Hiring tab then click on the Job Postings section.


  • Click on the Manage this Position button of the job posting that you wish to set up the Hiring Team for.

  • To assign employees as Hiring Managers and Reviewers in a job posting, click on the respective field. Start entering and select the name of the employees you wish to be part of the Hiring team. 
  • Then click on Update Team button to update the Hiring Team.

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