How To Generate Headcount Report Using Ad-Hoc Reporting

Ad-hoc report is a tool in TribeHR that you can use to create customized reports.This report lists user record information for all active employees, within a specific year. For headcount total, scroll down to the bottom of the report and reference: “Total Record” count.

This report will allow you to determine how many active employees there are in a specific department, job position, hired in a month or how many part-time or full-time employees you have. Here are the steps to create the headcount report using the Ad-Hoc reporting tool.

  • If you are given permissions to View the Ad-Hoc Reports


  • Navigate to Reports Ad-Hoc Reports. Here you will find saved Ad-Hoc reports. 
  • To create a new report, click New Report

  • From the drop down menu, select the record you wish to pull from, for this report we are going to pull from Assignment Record
  • Click Continue to move to go the next screen. 

  • In the Choose Your Content section, click on the fields you wish to view in the report. For the Assignment Record Report the most useful columns are:
    • Assignment Record > Employee Num
    • User > Username: Username (First name [SPACE] Last name)
    • Job > Title
    • Department > Name
    • Location > Name
    • Assignment Record > Date Hired
    • Assignment Record > Full Time (1 = full time / 0 = part time)
    • Assignment Record > Pay Type (1 = annual salary / 2 = hourly)
    • Assignment Record > Employee Class ID (10 = permanent / 9 = independent contractor / 8 = contract / 3 = intern)
    • User > Access: Employee has active or terminated access
    • Assignment Record > Current (1 = current record / blank = historical entry, not current)
  • Click Next Step, to move to the next screen.
  • On the Filter Results section, you can filter the results depending on the parameters you select.
  • Click Add a New Filter to create a new filter. To run a report on the number of headcount you have on your company, add the following parameters:
    • Field: Assignment Record > Date Hire, Operator: Less Than,  Value: 2014-01-01 (this depends on your company)
    • Field: User > Access,  Operator: IS NOT equal to, Value: 2 [terminated]
    • Field: Assignment Record > Current,  Operator: equal to, Value: 1 [current] 
  • Then click Find records that match ALL of the filters.

(These filters will ensure that your report will display the current headcount in your company not including the terminated employees)

  • Click Next Step, to move to the next section.

  • In the Sort Results screen, select the columns you wish to sort the report by.
  • This report can have you sort by department by selecting the following: 
    • Field: Department > Name, Direction: Ascending
    • Field:and then by Location > Name, Direction: Ascending
    • Primary Sort
    • Secondary Sort
  • Click Next Step to move to the next screen.

  • In the Choose Output screen, create a Report Name, choose if you want a line to display the total number of records, select your Output format (HTML or Excel) and choose your Style (Simple or Styled).
  • Click Preview Report, to view a preview of your report, if you need to edit anything further you can use the previous step button to go through the previous screens and edit your report.
  • Once you are satisfied with your report, click Save Report. This will save it to your Ad-Hoc Reports library, so you can access it whenever you wish.

  • Once you save this report, it can be accessed at any time, by navigating to the Ad-Hoc reports screen and click on the name of the report. 
  • If you want to change anything, click on the gear and click edit request. (This is useful if you want to run the report using a different filter)
  • Using this gear you can also copy or delete this report.

Still have questions about creating headcount report? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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