What Can I Do on my Employee Profile?

Your employee file is where you can find any information about you within TribeHR. It is made up of three different parts: the employee dashboard, the performance management tabs and the drop down panels.

  • Your employee dashboard contains a brief overview of activity that is currently happening in your account. Here you will see your name, job title, contact information and profile picture.
  • On the grey box of your employee dashboard, you will see the number of days you have remaining until your next period of time off. If you have no time off coming up you will see a green book time off button.
  • You will also find your current summary of the amount of time available for your account's primary leave type, the number of Kudos you have received, as well as the number of Goals and Reviews that are currently in progress. 

  • To edit and update some of your information click on the Edit Profile link at the top right hand corner of your employee profile. This will take you to the edit screens.
  • On the account details section, here you can update your email address, social media profiles, and update your password. On this page you will also find any custom fields that your company has defined.
  • On the employee details section, you can edit your name, mobile or home phone, address, birthday and emergency contact information.
  • On the job details section you can update your company phone number and extension.
  • On the employee profile section you can update your profile photo.
  • To update your information click on the field you wish to edit, make the necessary changes and click Save Details

  • Underneath the performance management tabs are the expandable sections of your profile.
  • The first panel is the General Information panel. Here you will find any Human Resources data that pertains to you. This section is broken up into three sections:
    • Account Details: Here you will see your email, username and your account type. In this section you will also see any custom fields that your company has defined.
    • Employee Details: Here you will see any biographical details about yourself, including your name, street address, birthday and emergency contact information
    • Job Details: Here you will see any data that has to do with your job, including the day you started work, your manager, job title, department and salary.

  • The Employee History panel is where you can see the history of any changes that were made to your information and when they were made. Using the check boxes, you can filter this tab to show only changes to Employee Details, only Job Details or to show changes to both.

  • The Reviews panel is where you can see all your reviews (filed and in progress) and their respective review template, status, manager and due dates in progress. Clicking on the review will bring you to the review package.

  • The Notes panel allows you to add notes to your profile. You can also view notes that others have added to your profile on this section depending on the privacy setting set by the manager or the administrator.

  • The Documents panel is where your manager and administrator can add documents to your employee profile. Click on the document name to download the document.

  • The Time Off panel is where can see your time off data the time off drop down is broken up into a number of sections.
    • Request Time Off button will allow you to book time off.
    • Review Time Off Requests button will bring up a list of your time off requests for all your time off types, brief description (number of days request from what date), status and how long they were submitted.
    • Specified Hours per Day: this is the number of hours you work in a day. 

    • In the yellow box, select the leave type you wish to view.

    • In the grey box you will see your annually allowed amount and any rules associated with your time off type, such as carry over or max accrual. Next you will see your currently available amount, which is the amount of days available. It includes days to be earned and historical data depending on how time off displays are set up in your account.

    • Underneath the grey box are  your transaction details that are broken up into different parts. First, they are divided according to year. Then, they are divided up into Applied Transactions, which are transactions that have happened in the past; and Scheduled Transactions which are transactions that haven’t occurred yet. Some common entries you’ll see here are accruals and approved requests.
    • Debit column - amount deducted from your time off total
    • Credit column - amount added to your time off total

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