How Can I Add a Historical Record To My Employee's Files?

Adding a Historical Record on your Employee's Profile is for record keeping. It is very helpful especially if you are trying to track an information or changes that was given to a team member. 

Lets say, you want to track a salary change for one of your employees. Adding a record that is not yet on file will help you determine when the salary was change and for what specific reason.

Whenever you change a record on your employee's profile, TribeHR will keep the recent data on hand. 

To make a Historical Record Change on your employee's profile, complete the following steps:

1. Log in as an Administrator.

2. Navigate to employee's profile and click on Edit Profile.

3. Choose which tab that contains the information you wish to update; in this case, we will use the Annual Salary as our example. This can be found under Job Details sub tab.

Note: We can only add historical changes between the Employee Details and Job Details of the employee.

4. After making the update, you need to choose an Effective Date, this will determine when the change was made for record purposes. Choose a Reason For Change (that is applicable) from the drop down menu. For a salary change as our example, we will know why the employee was given a decrease or an increase on salary.

5. Once you've completed the changes click Save Details.

6. After saving the information, you can navigate back to View Profile and expand the Employee History panel and you will see that the data has been captured on the employee's history. 

Still have questions about to add historical record changes? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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