How To Bulk Update Annual Allocations

After setting up the time off type if your specific employees are entitled to different time off allocations from the default, you can update their annual time off allocations in the Annual Allocation Report. 

  • As an Administrator, navigate to Reports. Under Vacation and Time Accounting, click on Annual Time Off Allocations. This will show you the corresponding annual amounts assigned for each time off type for all your employees.

  • Click on the Filter button to generate more specific reports

  • The default allocation amount for each account type will display for all employees in the company.  Click on the number (blue hyperlink) of time offs that need to be updated.

TIP: Right click on each number, and open up the allocations in new tabs so you can update several at once.

  • Edit employee's time off allocation amount, carry over or max accrual (if applicable).
  • Click on Update.

  • A message will confirm that the employee's annual allocation has been updated.

  • The updated annual allocations will display on the Annually Allocated Time Off report once your refresh the page.

Still have questions about setting employee's annual allocation? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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