How To Generate a Skills Matrix Report

If you are given permissions to View the Skill Matrix Report, you can track the skills for your employees using the Skills Matrix.


  • Navigate to the Reports tab and click on the Skills Matrix report under Development & Growth header.

  • This will direct you to the Skills Matrix page where you can easily check who excel in a specific skill and who are the ones that does not have any skills to track.  
  • You may narrow down your results by clicking on the Filters button.

  • This will bring you to the Filters section where you can add filters such as Department, Pay Type, Full Time/ Part Time (FT/PT), Employee Class and/or Location. Click on Apply Changes to apply these filters to your Skills Matrix report.

  • The page will then display your Skills Matrix report that applies the filters that you've added (if any).
  • To print the report, you may click on the gear icon and select Print Report.

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