How To Collect Feedback About Employees

If you have permissions to Request for Feedback, you can ask for Feedback on behalf of anyone in the company.


  • Navigate to your profile.
  • Click on the Feedback Questions tab then click on Ask For New Feedback

  • In the feedback box, select the name of the employee who you wish to gather feedback about using the Who are you asking feedback about? drop down. It will provide the list of all the employees in your company.
  • Enter the question for the feedback you are requesting in the What's your question? text box. 
  • Start entering the name and select from the list of employees in the company you are requesting feedback from.
  • If you want to receive anonymous feedback, click the Make This Feedback Anonymous checkbox, check out this article if you wish to find out more.
  • Click on the Request Feedback button.

  • The feedback requested will then be added to the respondent's feedback tab under the heading Feedback Questions To Answer when they log into TribeHR.

  • You will be able to see the question asked about the employee if you navigate to the employee file, and open the Feedback tab.

To remind people who have not yet responded to the feedback request: 

  • You can send them an email reminder by going to the employee's profile and clicking on Feedback Questions section.
  • On the respective feedback, click on Review Feedback.

  • Click on Send Reminder.

  • A reminder message will pop up which you can edit. Once you have created your custom reminder message or use the one that is pre-populated, click on Send Reminder.

To Review Feedback:

  • To view the feedback given, navigate to the employee file, and click on the Review Feedback button beside the corresponding question.

  • Click on Summarize this Response if you wish to summarize the responses  received.
  • If you check the share this response with your report and their manager, and include in next review, the feedback received will be shared with the employee and the manager and will be included in the employee's next review cycle (if applicable).
  • If you check include the summary anonymously, names will not be associated with the feedback received when you pass it along to the employee.
  • Click on Save Summary to save.

To Close a Request:

  • Click on Close this Request.
  • Type in a message on the Note to Advisors box.
  • This will be sent to the users who gave you feedback via an email notification.
  • Click Close Question to close the feedback request.
  • Once you close the question, you will no longer receive feedback responses for this question.

Still have questions about requesting feedback? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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