How Do I Respond To Feedback?

Anyone in the company can request feedback from any of their colleagues.


When you are asked to respond to feedback you can access it in your own profile or in the email that notifies you that you have a feedback question to respond to.

  • When a colleague requests for a feedback from you, you will receive an email notification which contains a link which will log you into TribeHR so you can respond to the feedback request.

  • This link will direct you to the Feedback Questions tab on your profile. Under Feedback Questions To Answer, click on Respond to this Question on the corresponding feedback question.

  • Respond to the feedback by entering your answer in the box provided and click on Respond.

  • This will send your response the feedback request to the colleague who requested it.

Still have questions about responding to feedback? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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