How Do Applicant Reviewers Review Applicants?

If you are given permissions to View and Modify the Applicants, Create Applicant notes and View Applicant Document.


You can be assigned as an Applicant Reviewer. As an Applicant Reviewer you are granted additional access to applicants for the positions that you are assigned to. 

  • To Review Applicant, login to your TribeHR account
  • Navigate to Hiring tab and click on the Job Posting section.
  • On the Job Posting page, click on the applicant's name or the Review Applicant button if there are more than five applicants in the job Posting. 

  • Clicking the Review Applicant button will direct you to the page where you can review the job posting description, see the list of applicants, hiring stages that the applicants are in and their star ratings.

  • Clicking the applicant name will direct you to the applicant's file, where you can rate, add notes and download attached files (if there's any). 

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