Getting Started with Standard Reports

Administrators have access to all reports that contain data for all users. In TribeHR it provides a selected number of comprehensive fixed and living reports. Fixed reports provide a set selection of information. Living reports make make it possible to dig into and update data directly from the reporting view.

You can use the reports for information gathering and data analysis, updating records, and for accessing various areas of the application, such as time sheets for individual employees or terminated employee records.

1. Vacation and Time Accounting

  • Annual Time Off Allocations- This report indicates how much time off is allocated to each employee. It lists every staff member in the workplace and their annual entitlement for each defined leave type (e.g. Vacation, Sick, Maternity, etc.).
  • Time Off Report - This report shows vacation and sick time taken by employees. 
  • Open Time Off Requests - This reports displays all pending  (open) leave requests from employees. Drill down by employee name to approve pending leave requests, directly from this report.
  • Approved Time Off Requests - This report lists all currently approved time off requests. 
  • Rejected/ Cancelled Time Off Requests - This report list all rejected/cancelled time off request for all employees in the company. 
  • Time Off Ledger - This provides a listing of all time off transactions, including accruals and scheduled usage. It contains a comprehensive list of all leave transactions in a single account. Add transactions, or edit existing transactions, from this report, to adjust employee's currently available vacation or leave amounts. 
  • Time Tracking- This is a report that you can run to view the hours tracked by your staff, on a project and task.
  • Payroll - This report provides compensation information and time off transactions in a specific time period.

2. Demographics

  • Gender Summary - This report provides and overview of gender makeup by department and seniority and can be used to identify the gender break down of the current workforce when the optional profile field “Gender” is activated.
  • EEO-1 Survey- This report provides demographic information based on job description classification. It becomes available when the EEO Compliance functionality is activated in TribeHR.

3. Recruiting

  • Applicant Sources - This report indicates how candidates are finding the company’s job postings; that is, where applicants are viewing and then applying in response to job postings. This information can be used to generate an effectiveness index of existing recruiting channels.
  • Recruiting Pipeline- This report shows how many candidates are at each stage of the recruiting process and can be useful in identifying hiring bottlenecks and efficiencies.
  • EEO-AA Report- This report provides demographic information for hiring based on EEO Data and becomes available when the EEO Compliance functionality is activated in TribeHR.

4. Development & Growth

  • Performance Summary -  This report contains an overview of Kudos Given and Kudos Received for a selected period of time for the employees in your account.
  • Export Review Summary - This is a report to export questions and corresponding answers that can summarize performance reviews.
  • Compensation Summary - This report lists employee compensation, including the date of and reason for the most recent pay change.
  • Skills Matrix - This report generates an overview of employees’ skills as compared to each other.
  • Length of Service - This report shows how long employees have been employed with the organization.

5. Incident Reports

6. Record Changes

7. General Reports

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