How To Generate A Compensation Summary Report

Compensation Report is a list of employee compensation, including the date of and reason for the most recent pay change.

  • If you are given permissions to View the Compensation Report.


  • Navigate to Reports and click on Compensation Summary under Development & Growth section.

  • On this page, you will see the list of the employees and their corresponding salary. You can also see what type of pay they have, when it was effective and the most recent change.
  • Click on Filters button if you want to add other filters on your Compensation report.

  • This will bring you to the Filters section where you can add filters such as Department, Pay Type, FT/PT, Employee Class and/or Location. Click on Apply Changes to apply these filters to your Compensation Summary report.

  • The page will then display your compensation summary report that applies the filters that you've added (if any).
  • To print the report, you may click on the gear icon and select Print Report.

  • If you click the employee's name, it will direct you to the Employee History on the employee's profile where you can see changes that have been made on their account.

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