How Do Hiring Managers Archive an Applicant Without Closing A Job Posting?

When you close a job posting, all applicants attached to it will automatically be archived. However, a hiring manager if given with permissions to Modify Applicants can also archive an applicant without closing a job posting.

  • Navigate to Hiring tab and click on Job Posting.
  • Look for the respective job posting of the applicant that you need to archive and click on Review Applicants

  • In the status column, click on Archive applicant from the drop down menu. The page will refresh and the archived applicant should not display on the list.

  • The page will refresh and the screen will only show active applicants.
  • Managers can also bulk archive applicants. Archiving applicants will remove them from the job post that they were recently in but will still be available on the Applicants list that administrators can manage.
  • Once applicants are archived, the account administrator may also unarchive applicants for future job posts that may be applicable.

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