How Do I Forward Applicant Data From General Careers Email To TribeHR?

If you are given permissions to create Applicant file you can forward applicant data. Each job posting in TribeHR has its own unique email address, this email address can be used to forward applicant information into TribeHR. If you have a general careers email, you can forward the applicants into TribeHR so you don't have to manually input their information.

  • Navigate to Hiring tab then Job Postings page

  • Create a job posting for general applicants and make sure to put the closing date some point in the past so it will not appear on your job board and it will not be seen by employees as an open job in your company. 
  • Once you have created this job posting, there will be a unique email address that will be generated. You can then setup forwarding rules in your email client using this email.
  • Any email sent to the Job Posting Email Address will automatically be converted as an applicant file. 

  • Every resume that comes to your client email would then be forwarded to the general job posting you just created. Once the applicants are in the system, you can edit them to reflect what their name and email address is.

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