How To Customize the Leave Tracking Buttons

On the Home Page in TribeHR , there are two green leave tracking buttons that bring you to the Book Some Time Off screen, where you can book time off. As an Administrator you can customize the text on these buttons.

  • The default text on the Time Off Buttons is Schedule a Vacation and Call in Sick.

  • To modify this text, navigate to the Administration tab, then click on Employees section and go to Types Of Time Off page


  • Vacation and Sick are default types of time off that you have in TribeHR. Vacation (the first type of time off in the list) is connected to the first button you see in the Home page and Sick (the second type of time off in the list) is for the second button.
  • If you have changed the names of your vacation or sick types of time off, your first and second options in the Types of Time Off screen may have different names, but are still connected to the two buttons.
  • Choose between Vacation and Sick link then click on the gear beside it to edit the type of time off.


  • Once on this page, you can type the text you want to display for the Time Off button in the Button Text, box it will also preview what the button will look like.
  • Click on Save Time Off button to save your changes.


Still have questions about how to customize the time off buttons? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!

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