How To Use The Notes Feature To Track Qualifications?

Aside from adding notes to an employee's profile, Notes can also be added to an applicant's profile and can be used as an effective tool to track applicant's qualifications or competencies.       

To Add a Note:

  • If you are given permissions to Create Applicant notes, hiring manager or reviewer, navigate to the applicant's profile.
  • Click on Add a Note under Notes & Files.

  • Enter a Note. Entering qualifications such as: education, special skills, or competencies as a note on the applicant's profile will help you search and track these applicants. (i.e. BS Marketing Management)
  • Click on Save Note.

  • Once the note has been saved, the administrator can use the applicant search to find profiles that are tagged.

To Track Qualifications:

  • It will display applicants that are tagged with the keyword you have indicated.

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