What Happens When I Enable Sharing on Kudos?

Kudos are a fantastic way to publicly recognize a work of your colleague. Aside from publishing it on the News Feed, you can also share Kudos to the recipient's Facebook page. 

How to allow employees to share Kudos in TribeHR?

  • As an administrator, click on the gear icon and navigate to to Company tab and go to the General Info subtab.

  • On the General Info page, under Privacy section, check the box to "Allow employees to share Kudos"

How to share Kudos?

  • Once the sharing of Kudos is allowed in your account, anyone in the company who gives the Kudos will have the the "Allow Sharing" box on the Kudos screen. Check this box to allow the employee who receives the Kudos the option to share Kudos on Facebook and click on Give Kudos.

  • This will then appear in the home page, under Happening in the Company.
  • The employee who receives the Kudos will then have the option to share the Kudos to his/her Facebook page.
  • For the Kudos to be shared the user needs to click on the Facebook share icon on the Kudos screen.

  • Proceed sharing the Kudos on Facebook by clicking on Share.

How will the shared Kudos appear on the Facebook account?

  • Once the employee has shared the Kudos he received, this will be posted on the employee's Facebook profile.

Still have questions about enabling sharing on Kudos? Submit a help request and the TribeHR support team will be happy to help!


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