How Do I Navigate My Performance Management Tabs?

Your performance management tabs are a section on your employee file which helps you measure and track your ongoing performance. 

  • The Kudos tab is a list of the Kudos that you have received, the content of the Kudos, the person who gave it to you, and any values that were attached to the Kudos. If you wish to comment on the Kudos, click on the comments link and leave a comment.

  • The Goals tab, is where you will see a list of your goals, these could be goals that you added to your profile, that your manager has added to your profile, your administrator has added to your profile, or goals that your are working on with your colleagues. Here you will see goals you are currently working on, and by clicking “See Older Goals” you can see goals that you have completed.

  • To Add a new goal, click the Add a New Goal button, enter a title, description, date started and date due.
  • Using the progress bar you can indicate how far along you are in completing the goal. If you are working on this goal with a colleague, you can use the people who participate in this goal box to add your colleague to the goal.
  • Using the privacy drop down you can select who you want the goal to be visible to, Me & My Manager, will make it visible to you, any colleagues you have added to the goal, your manager and their managers. Selecting everyone will make the goal appear to everyone when they view your profile.
  • Using the supported goals feature, you can connect this goal to other goals in your company, this is useful if you are adding a goal that relates to other goals. In this list you will see any goals that you can view in your account, including goals from other colleagues that have the everyone privacy settings.
  • Supported values, allows you to connect this goal to the values in your company. Click Save Goal, to add your goal to the goals list.

  • Once you have saved a goal you will be directed to your review goal screen, where you can see the details of the goal, you wish to comment on the goal you can write your comments in the comment box and click Add Comment.
  • If you wish to edit or update your goal, click on Edit Goal, you can edit or update any details pertaining to the goal, including goal progress.

  • The next tab is your Skills tab, skills are added to your profile by your manager or administrator, you will see a list of the skills you are working on along side blue bubbles, how filled the blue bubbles are will correspond to your competency at that specific skill.

  • The feedback tab, allows you to ask your colleagues for feedback. To ask for new feedback click the Ask for New Feedback button, type in the question you wish to ask, in the Who Would you like to ask box, you can start typing in the name of the colleagues you wish to respond to your question.
  • When asking for feedback you can also make the feedback anonymous by clicking the check box, this means when you receive the feedback from the people you asked there will not be any names attached to the feedback response, in order to ask for anonymous feedback you need to ask at least three people. Click the request feedback button to send the request.

  • Going back to the feedback tab, you will notice that there are two sections, Feedback Questions to Answer and Feedback Responses about you.
  • In the feedback questions to answer section, you will see any feedback requests from your colleagues click on “Respond to This Question” to respond to the feedback request, you will see that the request is named, meaning your name will be attached to the response, type in your response and click the respond button.
  • In the feedback responses about you section, you will see any responses that you have asked or has been asked by your manager. Here we can see this is a named feedback request and we can see that the one person that we have asked has responded, click on review feedback to review the feedback you have received.

  • In this screen, you can send a reminder, if your colleagues haven’t replied to your question and underneath that you can see the responses that your colleagues have already given.
  • If you wish to summarize the response click the link this will allow you to condense the response that was given, underneath this box you’ll see two checkboxes, one which allows you to share the response with your manager and include it in the next review, and the option to share the summary you just created anonymously, click the check boxes to select these options.
  • Click Save Summary, to save your changes.
  • Once you have gotten all the feedback responses you need you can close the feedback request by clicking on the Close This Request button.

  • The values tab is where you will see a list of your company values, their description and an over view of your supporting goals, supporting Kudos that you have given and the over all company support, if you haven’t supported all your company values you will see a link at the bottom of the tab which will expand the tab and show the company values that you haven’t supported yet.

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